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Name: Elizabeth

Nickname: Liz or Lily

Birthday: March 1st

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual but mostly Tim Sexual

Height: 5’5-5’6

Time zone: Arizona knows no “Time Zone” 

What time and date is it there: 9:30 August 26th, 2014

Average hours of sleep: I have two kids under 3. One is 5 months. Do the math.

OTPs: My go to when I get asked is Nick/Greg but right now it’s Jonny/Patrick or Jamie/Tyler.

First word to come to mind: Oatmeal

Last thing I said to my family: (To Timm) My schedule for tomorrow. 

One place that makes me happy and why: Disneyland. Cliche but my happiest memories are there with my friends, family and framily. I can’t wait to take my kids. 

How many blankets do I sleep under: One big blankie. My husband is a space heater. 

Favourite beverage: Diet Dr. Pepper

People: I’m bad at doing that. If you want to? Do it! 



For cinderlily, who I think needs this today. <3

A sequel to the one where Sid and Geno have a son named Henry and are super in love and an ode to my weekend trip to Disneyworld. 


Henry has just turned 5 when Geno comes home one day, looking both excited and kind of guilty.

Sid still smiles when he kisses him hello after scooping Henry up for a quick over-the-head Superman ride, but it’s a slightly skeptical one.

Geno puts Henry down and tells him to go pick out a book for bedtime before turning his guilty expression on Sid.

“Geno, what did you do?”

“I’m best husband, remember, Sid. Best papa, too.”

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Today was the day from hell. Yesterday I had this thing called Essure done, so I feel like shit. Can’t take painkillers cause I’m solo with the kids… My kids have been out of control. I just want to curl up and cry myself to sleep. Or indulge on sap fic. Or die.



I want it to be 2004 again and come home from 1st grade and grab a chocolate chip granola bar and watch lizzie mccguire and thats so raven and not hate myself

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Today I had a doctor call my uterus “fluffy”.

You are welcome.


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i think the stars are trying to set jamie benn up

Clearly fandom has ruined me because I immediately thought, “What if the Dallas Stars twitter was in on this whole Jamie/Tyler thing?” The man or woman who runs the account has HAD ENOUGH of their on ice flirtation, okay. It’s getting ridiculous, all the shoving, and eye-batting, and hugs, and other shenanigans. He/she decided it NEEDED TO STOP. What other way to do that than to make Tyler jealous? Tyler needs to stop messing around with this harem of his and settle down with his forever boy. The only way to make that happen is to show him what a catch Jamie is. (Mr/Ms. Twitter may even plant some potential dates. It’s one grand fake-dating scene, designed to end up in the wedding of the century in Dallas).

My thought was Tyler getting all up in arms and annoying about it and Jordie (who is done with this shit) being like, “Because you want on my brother’s junk?” and Tyler being stupid and thinking it was because he hated all the married guys on the Bruins ruining his fun but then through a series of “Bachelor” dates being thrown at Jamie he realizes: Nope. He wants on Jordie’s brother’s junk.




Adele at the mtv VMAs

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who else goes back to school tomorrow ???


My son does




AU: There’s a new (werewolf) guy in town. Based on.

Happy late birthday, chris! (sorry i’m trash)

Blow jobs and self esteem is seriously the funniest line ever.

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My son has been awake for 45 minutes.

No reason, just staring at me silently mocking my exhaustion.


I’m having a slightly awkward conversation with wife of giant nerd!dad from preschool. She just said “Husband Swap!” … Wait, what? 

I mean, he’s in all my fandoms and he’s adorable but I kind of like Tim. 

Granted if she is being as awkward as I am in a conversation on Facebook maybe this is fate! Jews! He’s British! They have a kid! … I’m going to fuck this up somehow. 


After his first career homer, Jake Lamb will high five anyone … real or fake.


After his first career homer, Jake Lamb will high five anyone … real or fake.

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do u have that one person who you kinda just 

im so happy youre alive i dont care that youre miles and miles away i just love you a lot and care for you so much

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reblog if you had a livejournal





Still do!

Still do!

Still do but never use it ;D

never use it, but I still have it. 

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